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Rachel is the wedding designer, maker, paper addict, confetti thrower and cat cuddler, behind Rachel Emma Studio. She spends most of her time in her home studio making wedding stationery and decor and dreaming about a world without chair covers and moths.

She is happiest up a ladder carrying giant paper flowers, and her favourite things include: a fresh notebook, geeking out about business, Trello, stingrays and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This whole wedding business podcast thing was her idea - and we’re very grateful to her for it!

image by Joanna Bongard

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Ellie is the tour de (Yorkshire) force behind The Wedding Enthusiast and The Enthusiast. On a mission to make the world a more enthusiastic place, she spends her days helping wedding businesses with their copy, blogs, and orders, as well as assisting couples with styling and running The Enthusiast. She’s a dab hand at making tea (seriously - it’s on her CV), eating too much of the cake mix to make the actual cake, and crying too much at Floridian sunsets, much to the dismay of her ever-diisapproving family. She’s a quarter of the A Most Curious Wedding Fair team, and a regular contributor at Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride, The Un-Wedding, and Way Out Wedding, amongst some wonderful others.

In this duo, she’s mostly Pinky, but sometimes the Brain.

image by Joanna Bongard