Episode 001 - Finding your ideal clients



In our inaugural episode, we (Rachel and Ellie) are diving right in with one of the trickiest challenges small business owners face: finding your ideal clients.

The reason we decided to kick off the podcast with this conversation is that finding your ideal customers is HARD, but once you do, everything else in your business starts to make more sense.

We can all relate to that fearful feeling that you won't book enough clients to pay the bills, or maybe the bookings are coming in but they're just not your dreamiest customers. But how do you turn away the people you don't want, and attract people that give you all the heart-eyes? Today we're chatting about this and more. We can also promise many a butchered quote, and some actual real life thigh slaps.

Strap yourselves in pals, we're starting off with a bang.


Really thorough client avatar workbook - credit to Laura Kinoshita

STATS TIME: marriage census - credit to the Office for National Statistics (ooooh, FANCY)

Another super in depth workbook for creating your client avatar - credit to Bourn Creative