Episode 010: How to be a better LGBTQ+ ally in the wedding industry

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In this episode we were honoured to chat to Tara, co-founder of the world’s leading wedding resource for lesbian women, Dancing With Her. Tara describes her and her readers’ experiences of being LGBTQ+ and planning a wedding, and we discuss what we can and should be doing as suppliers in the industry to be better allies.

show notes


Blog post “what marriage means to me”

Dancing With Her magazine

Something of the Week - Delicious Monster Tea - #insidemyworkweek


1.34 - introduction to Tara and Dancing With Her

3.48 - what it's like to be a LGBTQ+ planning a wedding.

8.27 - how the wedding industry forces the process of coming out, again and again.

12.55 - Weddings and labels.

13.58 - the difference between Diversity, Representation and Inclusivity.

"Diversity is being asked to come to the party, Inclusivity is being asked to dance".

15.58 - the difference between representation and tokenism.

17.14 - using real couples in styled shoots vs models.

23.31 - action steps to become a better ally in the wedding industry

27.01 - going over ALL of your touch points and looking at your language

29.45 - asking for couples permission before sharing their story

32.33 - careful use of hashtags - and asking questions, pronouns.

37.02 - supporting and engaging with the LGBTQ+ community.

44.25 - number 1 takeaway for everyone to be a better ally.