Episode 011: How to be INSPIRED and Keep The Inspiration Alive in Your Creative Business

How to Be Inspired

SHOW Description

Coming to you live from the wormhole this week as we chat about how we stay inspired in our businesses, and avoid falling into a creative rut. We reveal our personal inspirations, candidly discuss what we do when we're not inspired (it happens to everyone!), discuss being inspired vs copying, and learn some surprising and alarming facts about pigeons. If it’s not inspirational, it’s at least educational.

show notes

How To Write The Perfect Out Of Office - Downloadable Guide

Ellie’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

Patty Sanchez/Lindsay Mullen on Forbes’ 10 Ways To Stay Creative and Inspired

The Procrastination Paper by Zabby Allen

Brooke Castillo - Super Thinking

The Enthusiast

Steal Like An Artist - Austin Kleon


Intro - why staying inspired is important

7.26 - what inspires us personally?

16.30 - Breaking your routine.

23.41 - Giving yourself the luxury of staying inspired.

27.31 - Curating your life

33.00 - Ellie chats about ENTHUSIASM

39:30 - Being inspired without copying.

45.20 - creative challenges