Episode 012: Bridechilla's Aleisha McCormack on What Couples Really Want From Their Wedding Suppliers

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Sometimes figuring out what your ideal couple want is tough - but that’s where Aleisha McCormack comes in. Host of Bridechilla, one of the top wedding planning podcasts in the world - no biggy, guys - she has a unique vantage point as someone who chats to a LOT of couples during their wedding planning. This means that she has some super interesting insights on what they’re looking for, and how we can support them as suppliers, alongside a no bullshit approach and a deliciously witty sense of humour. We chatted to her about what couples on the ground are saying, being upfront about pricing (!!!) and the infamous fuck it bucket.

show notes

She is Fierce


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2.46 - Intro to Aleisha (add in time after we do something of the week).

12.33 - How can suppliers help to manage couples stress and anxiety while wedding planning?

19.30 - pricing and "sticker shock"

24.30 - speaking to both members of the couple

32.40 - the fuck it bucket

45.00 - making your own traditions

50.05 - The biggest misconception the industry has about couples