Episode 013: managing your money confidently with Julia from the Independent Girls Collective

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SHOW Description

Fretting about your finances? Taxed by your taxes? Mindblown by money? This week we chat to Julia from The Independent Girls' Collective about how to feel in control of your finances as a self-employed or freelance worker. Working to help creative women make, manage, and feel good about money, we chatted to her about tracking your money, where to start with tax, pricing, self-worth and why the 'stop buying a latte a day' money advice is totally useless.


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02.00: Intro to Julia and the Independent Girls Collective

12.31: Where to start with making more money in your business?

15.30: Tips on tracking your money.

22.18: Preparing for tax surprises, and reframing the way you think about tax.

25.31: How much to save each month for your taxes.

27.20: Why the "stop buying coffee" approach doesn't work for everyone.

33:26: Pricing on value not time.

38.00: Quoting with confidence.

50:11: Separating your self worth from the business.

55.00: Number one takeaway for being confident with money going forward.