Episode 015: Brand Design, Brand Values, and Finding Your Brand Sweet spot with Gatto

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Move over, Kevin McCloud - we're talking BRAND Designs! This week Cat, the founder of brilliant branding and web agency Gatto, chats us through all things branding and design. It's a buzzword nowadays, sure, but we dive deep: we ask why brand values are so important, how to go about finding them, what brand design actually means, and how to find your elusive 'branding sweetspot'. We also ask what it's like to work with a brand designer, and were super surprised by Cat's amazing answer! Plus, we chatted how Cat got into branding, the song your MySpace profile was buried with, and the days of Bloggr...


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Forty Brilliant Brand Designers by Fiona Humberstone

How To Style Your Brand by Fiona Humberstone (aff link)

Brand Brilliance by Fiona Humberstone (aff link)


3:00 - Intro to Cat

10:01 - what is branding and what does it mean to Cat?

13:58 - a checklist of what your branding design could include

15:56 - fonts - how many different ones and where to use them.

18:00 - brand value research

25:35 - how can you make a brand timeless, and how to use trends thoughtfully.

35:00 - how to move past branding overwhelm in the beginning.

39:11 - Where's the best place to start with either a new brand or a branding refresh?

46:34 - how to decide if you should work with a designer or do your branding yourself?

51:18 - any program or app recommendations for novices?

55:00 - quick tips for great branding.