Episode 016: HOW TO MAKE SOCIAL CONTENT PLANNING MORE FUN (/just slightly less arduous)

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You know what they say - a Sunday well spent brings a week's worth of content. And what they originally meant was contentment, obviously, but today we're taking it to mean content for social channels! Sure, you don't have to plan on a Sunday - plan whenever suits you, pals - but if you want to know more about content planning and how it may work, we chat it aaaaall through. We chat about the difference between scheduling and planning our content, why we think it helps, and a technique we've been using which we think might help make social media fun again... and if not fun, definitely easier to manage. Hold on to your Trello boards team, this might be the boost you need to revamp your planning system…


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3.00 - How we feel about content planning

5.00 - what’s the difference between planning and scheduling

8.15 - finding a system that works for you and experimenting

9.56 - potted history of content planning systems we’ve tried

13.45 - batching content

18.08 - our new system we’ve found to plan content

25.38 - how to workout your own list of prompts/categories

29.17 - how to structure your planning

34.34 - planning content for Instagram stories

41.31 - theme generation game!

45 - national awareness days

54.50 - the main aim of your content planning