EPISODE 017: How To Make Your Email Marketing Work For You with Alice Benham (Especially With A One Purchase Customer)

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Think you know how to utilise email marketing? Think again. This week we chatted to/sponged up all of digital marketing coach Alice Benham's advice about email marketing, and her unique approach to them. By crafting your emails into exclusive, unmissable content, you'll create buzz around your services/products that boring newsletters could never - and Alice teaches you how in her hilariously witty, no-nonsense approach. We also chatted about how to overcome the perceived pitfall of having a client who's a one time purchase (as they most often are in weddings.) How do you still get the most out of their signup? We find out!


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5mins - why is email marketing important?

11.50 - how can we utilise as wedding businesses - because of not having repeat customers?

20.00 - What to share?

32.55 - Content format - what's best - videos, pictures, text?

36:04 - Lead magnets and opt-ins.

43.40 - Any tips on growing an email list?

52.30 - Preferred email marketing platforms?

1:00:00 - Metrics, open rates, click rates - what are we looking for?

1:04:00 - Top email marketing tip for people who just want to get on it.