EPISODE 024: Why We All Need Self-Celebration, and How To Celebrate Yourself With Sarah Powell

Self-celebration with Sarah Powell


For our Series 1 Finale, we are going out with a BANG, babes, as we chat with the AMAZING Sarah Powell, about self celebration. We've all heard of self love and self care, but how can we take that a step further? Sarah shows us the big and small ways we can show up for and celebrate ourselves everyday, and the brilliant impact that can have on both our businesses and (most importantly) our lives.


The Awakening Festival

The Alchemy of Breath

Tea Pigs

You are a badass by Jen Sincero (aff link)

Lucy Sheridan


Celebrate Yourself


3mins - Intro to Sarah

5mins - What is self celebration?

11mins - How did Sarah's self celebration journey begin?

16 mins - what does self celebration look like day to day.

22mins - Body positivity (for your insides as well) including a chat about breath work.

28mins - listening to your intuition.

31mins - Acts of self celebration you can fit in day to day.

33mins - The WAITING ROOM.

38mins - Saving things "for best"

44mins - Finding your thing.

53mins - Sarah on becoming a wedding celebrant