Episode 006: 18 Things To Do To Prepare For wedding season/to use downtime effectively

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Weddings are somewhat seasonal, but self-employment definitely isn’t; so how can you make use of the quieter months to make business easier, more enjoyable, and more profitable for you? We take you through 18 things you could be doing in the downtime in order to help you dialup the uptime. (Uptime definitely isn’t a word, but we’ve just made it up. If you think that’s bad wordplay, wait til you get to the number titles. You’ve been warned.)

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18 things to do while business is quiet.

Hearing crickets while you wait for wedding season to kick in? Don’t panic - here are 18 ideas for things you can do to grow your business while things are slow.

Intro - includes this week’s “something of the week”, and some caveats to the episode (our favourite).

9.18 - Batch Content: blog posts, social media captions, ad copy, instagram pics, pinterest images....

14:00 - Tidy your online house. Just like you'd tidy for pals coming round for dinner, do the same with your website.

18.10 - Update your social media presence - do your bios need a refresh?

20.40 - Design/create new products and services. Look at your offerings and see if anything needs to be added. Or can you look through and streamline/clarify?

22.10 - Market research - TALK TO REAL COUPLES. Ask them what they struggle with, what they're looking for.

27.12 - Reorganise your workspace so you're set up for success.

32.57 - Stock up! Do an inventory and see what supplies you need to order in.

35.09 - LIFE ADMIN - Make your life as easy as possible in those busy months.

38.00 - Take some stock video footage Whether that's of you working, your actual work/products or you speaking about what you do.

43.00 - Spruce up your client workflow - streamline your systems and look where you can save time/improve the customer experience.

46:00 - Write some canned emails and a FAQ page

48.49 - Research wedding fairs and networking events for the next year.

50.56 - plan an email list building activity (eg. Free challenge, email series etc.)

53.40 - run an ad campaign on fb or insta

58.45 - send some scary outreach emails - those people you’ve been wanting to collaborate with / press / influencers.

1:05:00 - plan (or work on) some styled shoots.

1:07:00 - set aside some time for learning - courses, podcasts, blog posts, workshops.