Episode 008: How to Organise Your Time Effectively with Michael Johnston

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This week we're super excited to be chatting about how to be productive and stay motivated with the founder of the Zelo Journal, Michael Johnston. Instead of promoting one particular method that will never be one-size-fits-all (a pet hate of Ellie's, and why she'll sadly never be part of the #BuJo crew), we explored how to find your own way of working and how to use it effectively. We cover SMART goals (ya clever clogs), prioritising, habit tracking, decision fatigue, and social media - with our number one takeaway the end for sorting your shit out.

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Brendon Burchard


Stephen Covey

The Will Power Instinct - Kelly McGonigal

Deep Work - Cal Newport

The One Thing - Gary Keller

Sleep & Alzheimer’s - TED talk + transcript

The Prioritisation Matrix


Intro to Michael and The Zelo


11.00 - Weekly planning and weekly review

15.23 - Choosing 3 main tasks

16.37 - Prioritising tasks

20.10 - Morning routines and sleep

26.00 - Habit tracking (Jake would like it to be known that he thinks Michael should call it Habitrackery - like haberdashery)

34.00 - To meditate or not to meditate?

38.00 - Decision fatigue and willpower

45.30 - How to find where you're most productive

48.00 - Social Media and Procrastination

51.00 - Flow and why we don't like the pommodoro technique

53.51 - Number One Takeaway for sorting your shit out