Episode 009: How to use pinterest for your wedding business


SHOW Description

Join us on the best hour and 6 minutes of Rachel's life, at actual PINTEREST HQ. The lovely Meesh and Reena from the Pinterest UK team shared their tips with us on how to leverage the power of Pinterest for your wedding business, to get you more sales, more views and more raving fans.

show notes


Pinterest 100, trend forecast for 2019

Pinterest 2019 wedding trend insights report

Creators and businesses can sign up here to receive a bi-monthly editorial trends newsletter. This is where we recommend the type of content to create and also a chance to submit your boards to be featured on Pinterest.

Back to Basics, Pinterest UK board - follow this board for the basic How Tos and for future tips on how to get the most out of Pinterest.

A Pinterest wedding-focused educational event is coming soon for wedding industry marketing managers, creators and businesses! The event will be based in London…keep your eyes peeled and your ears whatever their version of peeled is!


2.07 - intro

5.35 - social or search engine?

9:10 - what makes a good pinterest profile?

"your profile isn't for you, it's for the person you're trying to attract"

12.45 - what makes a good pin?

17.50 - Rich Pins

21.08 - Pinning your own content vs pinning other peoples content

22.37 - Difference between followers and monthly unique viewers

27.10 - Board sections and organisational tools

31.48 - Scheduling your pins - using the pinterest scheduler.

34.47 - The Wedding Trend Report and the P100 trend report

41.34 - Using Lens

43.50 - What trends are we seeing coming up on Pinterest?

49.20 - Pinterest and google work together.

50.17 - the power of pinterest as a user and a wedding business owner.

54.21 - helping to guide your customers through their wedding planning journey.

57.21 - Anything coming up / where can people go to learn more?

1:00:00 - bonus tips - lifespan of a pin, times to post

1:01:00 - The Possibilities Planner

1:03:07 - What's the number one tip to get started on Pinterest strategy

1:03:57 - HOT PINTEREST SCOOP for Wedding Businesses - and you can be involved!