EPISODE 018: Racial Diversity in the Wedding Industry, Including Tokenism and Cultural Appropriation, with Nova Reid

racial diversity in the wedding industry with Nova Reid


You may not be racist - we hope to god you aren't - but does your business showcase a commitment to diversity like it non-negotiably should? We spoke to diversity campaigner and founder of Nu Bride, Nova Reid, to discuss big, meaty topics, such as diversity in the wedding industry, tokenism and cultural appropriation. We also chatted about the most common barriers to people doing this essential work, and how to work through them. Thank you Nova for your tireless education! 



Nova’s Website

Nu Bride

Diversity Consultancy

Diversity Tab on Nu Bride

BAME models

Zebedee Management


2mins - Intro to Nova

5 mins - Why is diversity training so important?

10 mins - Common barriers to people doing this essential work.

14mins - The problem with staying silent because of not wanting to cause offence.

19mins - Tokenism in the wedding industry and how to avoid.

36mins - The difference between equality and equity.

38.46 - Cultural Appropriation

45 - Being the change you want to see in the world.

47.57 - That time Nova was invited to the royal wedding...