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Copywriting is suuuuuuuuper important to your business - and although these guys are key on their own, it’s much more than website copy and blogs too. Our free copy audit will help you take stock of your business copy and whereabouts it appears, so that you can get every single bit of it consistent with your brand voice and engaging with your ideal clients.

sticker chart

You know when parents make a sticker chart for their children to help them be good and do their chores - that’s what this is, except replace the chores with your own habits that you’re actually excited to work on. Print this chart, stick it on your wall, and choose your daily habits you want to track - success is built by all the tiny steps you take along the way (that’s a bonafide butchered quote for ya right there)! It’s also a great excuse to treat yourself to some fun stickers, so what are you waiting for?


No one loves awkwardness at a styled shoot, and suppliers not knowing where they stand with borrowed items is one of the top awks convos that you can easily avoid! Use our styled shoot loan agreement template to save you time, make you friends, and just generally start your shoot off on a profesh foot.

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