S2, Episode 2: Playing By Your Own Rules When You Run A Creative Business

Leona Running a Creative Business

This week we’re talking to everyone’s small business icon: Leona Thrift-Ola of Indie Roller, and formerly of Lucky Dip Club and many other incredible small creative businesses. She shares her tips for running a small, creative, indie business whilst playing by your own rules and staying true to yourself. We talk about creating boundaries, how to find your niche, working out your own measures of success, and breaking out of the business burnout loop. PLUS, we talked about Leona’s super-exciting book, which launches next week! So we didn’t talk about much, really…


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2.50 - intro to Leona

7.44 - The reason behind writing the new book.

9.18 - How to you play by your own rules in your business.

16.53 - How to break out of the business burnout loop.

22.45 - Creating boundaries in your business and life.

34.18 - Finding your niche.

39mins - Working out your measures of success.

47.20 - How to put yourself first while still promoting your business.